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American Corners

The Corners are small, American-style libraries created to help increase mutual understanding between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the United States by making available information about America in a variety of formats.

The goal of American Corners is to broaden the range of information of the United States, it's history, science, culture, people, legislative, political system, commerce... and to address a wide range of people, specialists and lay persons alike, who have an interest about given problems and their search for information about the United States.

All Corners in Bosnia and Herzegovina are built upon the core concept of local partnership. Sponsored jointly by the U.S. Embassy in Sarajevo and a local host institution, public library or cultural center, the American Corners promote mutual understanding between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the United States, and reinforce intercultural exchange and friendship between our peoples.

Currently, there are eight American Corners throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina: Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Doboj, Zenica, Tuzla, Bihac, Mostar and Brcko.

All American Corners have a professional bilingual librarian trained to help you find information about the United States. These friendly, easily-accessible places offer the following services:

  • English language books, magazines and newspapers
  • CD-ROMs, DVDs, VHS and audio cassettes
  • computers and internet access
  • exam preparation kits (TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, SAT)
  • U.S. Government reports and other publications

The Corners invite you to come and participate in many wonderful programs and events, including:

  • Presentations, workshops, lectures by distinguished Americans
  • Exhibits and paper shows
  • English Teachers' Corner
  • English Language Hour (Conversation Hour, discussion groups, Debate Club)
  • Feature film projections
  • Documentary film projections

American Corners in Bosnia and Herzegovina

American Corner Sarajevo
Host institution: Sarajevo Library
Radiceva 7, 71000 Sarajevo
Telephone: 033-216-741

American Corner Banja Luka
Host institution: National Library of Republic Srpska
Drustveni Dom Obilicevo/Mejdan, Carice Milice 1A, 78000 Banja Luka
Telephone: 051-466-993

American Corner Bihac
Host institution: National and University Library
Trg slobode 8, 77000 Bihac
Telephone: 037-222-599

American Corner Brcko
Host Institution: Library of Brcko District BiH
Bulevar Mira bb, 76000 Brcko
Telephone: 049-212-709

American Corner Doboj
Host institution: Americki kulturni centar Doboj
Vidovdanska 3/I, 74000 Doboj
Telephone: 053-202-292

American Corner Mostar
Host Institution: Gymnasium
Spanski trg 1, 88000 Mostar
Telephone: 036-310-919

American Corner Trebinje
Host institution: Public Library Trebinje
Njegoseva bb 89101 Trebinje
Telephone: 059-271-920

American Corner Tuzla
Host Institution: National and University Library “Dervis Susic”
Mihajla i Zivka Crnogorcevica 7, 75000 Tuzla
Telephone: 035-252-644

American Corner Zenica
Host institution: Public Library Zenica
Skolska 6, 72000 Zenica
Telephone: 032-401-971