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2010 Press Releases

U.S. Embassy Sarajevo Press Release: Comments of BiH Prime Minister Nikola Spiric about US policy

February 10, 2010

With regard to the comments of BiH Prime Minister Nikola Spiric about US policy in the press today on the question on the use of referenda, the U.S. Embassy wishes to avoid any misunderstanding about the policy of the government of the United States on this subject. The United States would consider provocative any referendum that threatens the stability, sovereignty or territorial integrity of BiH, as well as any question that would challenge the structures of the Dayton Peace Accords, including the authorities and decisions of the High Representative.

Furthermore, we urge caution in any discussion of the use of referenda.  While a referendum can be a legitimate mechanism in the right circumstances, it can be counterproductive, and even provocative, when used to pursue a narrow political agenda.